High-heeled shoes would certainly make women better show the its beautiful posture, though not very comfortable, many women are still to "hate" is unable to stop all day, day high on them, PaDa PaDa living. In fact, high-heeled shoes or more or less on health and the figure will influence, so what we should choose, how to wear suits own shoes? Here with everyone discuss the high-heeled shoes of learning, and correct the method of wearing high-heeled shoes!!!!! Long-term foot stress beautiful health costs uneven

Christian Louboutin Boots Usually, heel height appropriate shoes on their feet, and the weight of the body by the full burden. Due to the high heels of design doesn't accord with human body mechanics, plus the front narrow in heels, tight, after all, poured out before the body weight falls on the sole, force focused on toes and uneven, and the sole of the foot even tendinous film with tarsal bones and before and after each heel is linked together.

Discount Christian Louboutin Because wear high-heeled shoes that palm face off balance, breaks the normal gravity load transfer line, involvement in the knee and the waist to withstand the pressure and, if not, it will not only pay attention to your feet ache, caused by a sprained, hurt, and often leads to metatarsophalangeal joint deformation, a broken metatarsal and waist sour backache wait for a symptom, serious when the more will affect walk activities. This is because wearing high heels for keeping balance, lower body muscle long time in an excessive tension cause local ache, then to easily happened a sprain, serious and even cause WaiHuai fractures within. Another heel of Achilles tendon position take up, his chance to increase the pressure, and even cause Achilles tendon inflammation. Party with each have each root way 1. Rad or wedges high heels

wholesale christian louboutin shoes Rad and wedges high-heeled shoes could affect the health of some of small, they can help the body maintains a certain balance, won't let you for big strength work produce swimmy move, but rad and wedges shoes larger, for his weight will bring a lot of pressure, often dressed will let you lower limb swelling, fat. To relieve pressure, we can through the steps on the leg, the more collateral channels on the outside of the gallbladder and thigh calf stomach by the bladder. On day 3 times, and slightly sudoriferous ache so far can speed up the lower limb fat metabolism speed, help to remove toxins legs.



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